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    Security in cards and businesses

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Usage recommendations

  • Memorize your PIN number and do not use the same PIN for all your cards. You can modify it at any of our ATMs or through Ruralvía.

  • When we send you your replacement card, destroy the expired one.

  • Check your account statements periodically and save your purchase receipts.

  • Enable the card notifications service and you will be informed instantly of all the transactions you make, both purchases and cash withdrawals.

  • If you do not make purchases online, ask your branch to disable the card option for online purchasing. In this way, your card can only be used make purchases at physical locations.

  • Get control of your cards, managing the daily limits of cash availability at the ATM or for purchases using your cards. You can do it from Ruralvía or at your branch.

  • Report any undue charges on your account.

  • In case of theft or loss of your card, contact your branch immediately or call the following number: +34 91 334 67 82 or +34900 822 671 (teléfono gratuito)

You can also block it yourself from Ruralvía, Internet Banking or Mobile, by accessing the Card menu, Block option.


To preserve the maximum security of all your operations, Caja Rural has fraudulent use insurance, in addition to the most advanced technologies for cards and fraud prevention systems.

All our cards have this free insurance to cover economic losses produced as a result of fraudulent charges produced on your card in case of possible theft or loss.

(*) See general, specific and special conditions at your usual branch.

Online Insurance Payment

Caja Rural reinforces the security of its online purchases with the Secure Payment via Internet service.

With this service, every time you start a purchase at a secure Internet business, identified by the distinctive “Verified by Visa” or “Mastercard Secure Code”, you will receive a numeric password on your mobile phone that you will have to enter on the website of the online business in order to authenticate the purchase.

verified by visa and masterd card secure code

To make purchases at all types of online shops, we also offer you the following services:

  • Virtual card, exclusive use for Internet and rechargeable up to € 3,000, disconnected from your current account and with which you will not have to provide details of your regular cards on the network.

  • iupay digital wallet, with which will never share your card details, since all you need to do is enter your username and password to make the purchase.
    And if you do not make online purchases you can ask your branch to disable your card’s online purchasing option. In this way, your card can only be used make purchases at physical locations.

Notifications Service

Enable the card notification and you will be informed instantly of all the movements you make, since you will receive a message on your mobile phone or email each time you make a purchase or make cash available.

You decide the type of notification you want to receive:

  • SMS alert

  • Mail alert

  • Mobile notifications (PUSH notifications)

If you want to send SMS or Mail notifications, you can do it directly from the Ruralvía Services tab or at your usual branch.

And if you prefer to receive notifications instantly on your mobile phone, totally free, all you need to do is enable the Notification Service from our Ruralvía mobile application, following these simple steps:

  1. Enable the service in the mobile app from the “Notifications” icon.

  2. Sign up for the card alert in the web version of Ruralvía, under the “Services” tab, under the “Mobile notifications” option.

If you do not already have the Ruralvía mobile app, download it from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

In addition, Caja Rural ensures the security of its transactions, using fraud prevention tools that detect suspicious transactions and allow us to alert you through a personalized communication, in case of suspected unauthorized or fraudulent use.

Electronic Commerce

Providing the highest security elements for our businesses and their clients is one of our priorities.

Caja Rural offers to businesses and makes available a Virtual POS for payments by Internet that enables strong authentication of your establishment’s clients. The objective is that the latter operates under secure commerce and with all security measures available, thereby offering the best guarantees for online operations.

Our Virtual POS, via the application of Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode international protocols (both based on 3D Secure technology), provides high security and protection in payments.

In addition, all our terminals comply with PCI-DSS security regulations, which are intended to guarantee security in the processing of information associated with card payments.

In appropriate situations, we have an anti-fraud control service for greater security, which monitors suspicious operations, carries out risk control and establishes advanced anti-fraud rules and security limitations.

All of this makes the risk minimal for carrying out transactions with fraudulent cards.