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Grupo Caja Rural
Grupo Caja Rural is one of the leading banking groups in Spain.

It is an alliance of 30 Cooperative Banks and their undertakings (Banco Cooperativo Español, S.A., RGA and RSI) which together make up the only banking group in Spain to follow in the footsteps of the continent's leading groups, such as the BVR Group in Germany, Crédit Agricole in France and the RZB Group in Austria.

It is the only institutional protection scheme under Article 113.7 of Regulation 575/2013 (CRR) recognized by the Spanish regulatory authorities. This has been the case since March 23th  2018, when its structure was granted regulatory recognition, an acknowledgement of the fact that it was operating de facto as an IPS, while still retaining the hallmarks of its identity, including respect for the independence of all members in their the decision-making process, rather than merely theoretical independence subordinate to a head company.

It is a group whose size compares favourably with that of any major Spanish banking group, but which also offers an additional level of security (the only one of its kind in Spain): an ex ante solidarity fund, with separate assets and its own legal personality, designed to help members in the event of their requiring financial strengthening and to guarantee their stability. And all this without the need to consolidate their balance sheets or mutualizing their profits.

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Business areas of Grupo Caja Rural

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Investee companies
Grupo Caja Rural is supported in the development of its activities by several undertakings

Grupo Caja Rural is supported in the development of its activities by several undertakings, including Banco Cooperativo Español, the IT company Rural Servicios Informáticos and the company holding made up by the insurance firm Seguros RGA. If necessary, these firms may be complemented in the future by the incorporation of other service companies, depending on market needs and demands.

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  • FAQs

    What is Grupo Caja Rural?

    One of the leading banking groups in Spain. It has 2,346 local branches and 9,708 employees, and its financial and balance sheet soundness is reflected in the fact that its total assets are worth €91,188 million and its own funds totals €8,579 million.

    What entities make up Grupo Caja Rural?

    What can I do in Grupo Caja Rural's other Cooperative Banks in the group?

    A Group’s cooperative bank customer who wants to operate in another entity belonging to the group can do the following things:

    Make deposits*: cash, transfers, cheques.
    Make withdrawals*: cash, cheques or other documents.

    * Prior customer identification is required, along with consent from their local branch (depending on the type of document and sum in question).

    From which ATM machines can I withdraw cash?

    Debit cash withdrawals using our bank cards are NOT SUBJECT TO fee charge (1) in Grupo Caja Rural ATMs (2), or ATMs belonging to other Cooperative Banks (3); and are subject to preferential conditions (4) in the ATMs operated by Euro Automatic Cash, Grupo Cajamar, Laboral Kutxa, Bankinter, Deutsche Bank, Cashzone, Caja Almendralejo, Caja Ingenieros, Novo Banco, Bankoa, Banco Pichincha, Arquia and Caixa Guissona.

    Agreements with other entities



    More than 11,000 ATMs at your service...

    In the rest of the ATMs, we will charge the commission for cash withdrawals that the entity that owns the ATM settles with us together with the transaction itself.

    In any cash withdrawal, the ATMs will duly inform you of the costs of the transaction before accepting the operation.

    We remind you that you can locate the ATM network of our bank and the Caja Rural Group here, on the rvia mobile app, by calling 913 346 780 or 900 822 670.

    1The conditions may vary depending on the evolution of the market and will be communicated to you in accordance with current regulations.

    2 The Caja Rural Group entities are: Caja Rural Central, Caja Rural de Gijón, Caja Rural de Navarra, Caja Rural de Extremadura, Caja Rural de Salamanca, Caja Rural de Soria, Caja Rural Regional, Caja Rural Granada, Caja Rural de Asturias, Cajaviva, Caja Rural de Jaén, Caixa Rural Galega, Cajasiete, Caja Rural de Teruel, Caja Rural de Zamora, Caixa Rural de L'Alcudia, Caja Rural de Alcora, Caixa Rural de Algemesí, Caja Rural de Casas lbáñez, Caixa Rural de Almassora, Caja Rural de Onda, Ruralnostra, Caja Rural de Villamalea, Caja Rural de Albal, Caixa Rural Les Coves, Caja Rural del Sur, Globalcaja, Bantierra, Caixa Vinarós and Banco Cooperativo Español.

    3 Caja Rural de Utrera, Caja Rural de Baena, Caja Rural de Nueva Carteya, Caja Rural Cañete de las Torres, Caixa Rural La Vall San Isidro, Caja Rural de Adamuz, Caixa Rural de Benicarló.

    4See preferential conditions on your institution's website.

    Who should I call if I have a problem?

    Customer service

    Monday to Sunday, 24 hours.

     91 334 67 80

    900 822 670 (free phone number)

    Card blocking

    Monday to Sunday, 24 hours.

     91 334 67 80

     900 822 670 (free phone number)

    ATM incidents

    Monday to Sunday, 24 hours.

     91 334 67 80

     900 822 670 (free phone number)

    What is ruralvía?

    ruralvía is the Internet Banking Service offered by Grupo Caja Rural. It offers you a convenient, simple way of managing your money without having to go in person to your local branch.

    You can also use it to sign up for new products, check your balance and movements and authorise operations in your accounts at the time that best suits you.

    For further information about ruralvía, visit http://ruralviamovil.com/