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    Security in Ruralvía

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At Ruralvía we are aware of the need to guarantee the transit of information between the Entity and our clients.

For this reason, we have security measures that guarantee the confidentiality of correspondence.

Secure login

All new Ruralvía, Multi-channel Banking, clients are given their login passwords (username, password and telephone PIN), as well as a signature password, which they will need to confirm their operations with the highest security guarantee level.

  • User number: Personal and non-transferable password.

  • Identification document: Tax ID No. / Alien Identity Card.

  • Password: Password automatically generated by the system that the client must modify the first time they login to Ruralvía. It is recommended not to use simple or easy to guess passwords.

  • Telephone Pin: Each time clients contact Ruralvía Telephone Banking service via the telephone number 91 334 67 80 o en el 900 822 670 (teléfono gratuito), they must identify themselves using their Ruralvía username, identification document and telephone PIN.

  • Signature password:

    • A wide variety of transactions can be carried out via Ruralvía; when confirming your operations using the highest level of security, you shall enter the signature password that the system requests.

    • o Certain operations that require a higher level of security, such as transfers, will require a double authentication system.

    • o The first password request is required in the data confirmation screen. Once Ruralvía verifies its validity, a second password will be requested to be entered and it will be sent to your mobile phone.

    • If you have any questions, please contact the telephone service 91 334 67 80 o en el 900 822 670 (teléfono gratuito).

Security Guarantee

Information related to access to your account is sent encrypted using 128-bit SSL. It is currently the most powerful website data protection system and is endorsed by a certificate issued by Verisign.

The Ruralvía screen can be divided into at least two parts, the top that includes the header and the bottom which is where you must enter your login passwords and where the information provided by the Internet Banking service will then be shown.

The top part is not sent to to your computer using the SSL protocol since it does not contain confidential information, thus achieving a higher transfer speed and so that the images included in it can be saved in the browser itself. The bottom travels using the SSL protocol, so that the information requested to identify you as well as information related to your financial products is sent safely.

How do you check if your page is secure?

When entering Ruralvía Multi-channel Banking, the first thing you should check for your security is:

  • The web address page is https. This last “s” indicates that you are on a trusted page to carry out your financial tasks, since a secure server starts with https and not http.

  • In the latest browser versions, the browser bar displays the icon of a lock and the address bar is shaded green. This indicates that the page is blocked from third-party viewing attempts, which ensures your privacy.

security in ruralvia

If the address bar is shaded red, be wary of that page, as this might be fraudulent.

If you do not use the latest available version of your browser, the address bar may not be shaded.

How do you check the security certificate?

To check the page’s security certificates, you must click on the lock icon that appears when you access a secure zone and verify that the expiration date and the domain of the certificate are in effect.

Notifications Service

With the SMS/Mail and Notifications service to Ruralvía Mobile, you will be informed wherever you are and at all times of any movement that occurs in your accounts or cards, obtaining maximum control and security in your operations.

Some of the security notifications that can be enabled are:

Higher charge to

Informa for charges that occur in your account, with an amount higher than the amount established

Transactions made with a card for a higher amount to

Informa on all transactions made with the card that exceed the amount you indicate.

Economic transactions for an amount greater than the amount to

Report transfers and sending Rule 34 files that have a higher amount than you set.

Notify connection to the

Informa website every time a connection is made to Ruralvia.

If you want to sign up for SMS or Mail notifications you can do it directly from the Ruralvía Services tab or your usual branch.

And if you prefer to receive completely free notifications instantly on your mobile, all you need to do is enable the Notifications Service directly from the Ruralvía mobile application, following these simple steps:

  1. Enable the service in the mobile app from the “Notifications” icon.

  2. Register and manage the details of the notifications to the mobile that you want to receive. You have to do it via the Ruralvía web version, under the “Services” tab, under the “Mobile notifications” option.

If you do not already have your Ruralvía mobile app, download it from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

You choose the notifications you want to receive.